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Millicent Orondo

“Growth is the only evidence of life” John Henry Newman. Having completed my first year studies pursuing BSc Civil engineering in Kenyatta University I have experienced growth in all dimensions of life. This can be attributed to the opportunities the school of engineering presents to its students. Lectures encompass academics, social and economic aspects of the course. Being given assignments in terms of group discussions creates a Platform for students to exchange ideas.


The lecturers are approachable and are always ready to assist whenever consulted. Moreover clubs registered under the school engage students in different activities that advance the learning process. One of the activities includes organized talks with people already in the field has given students a glimpse of what the future upholds.


Even as the civil engineering lab is continously being equipped,we appreciate that the quality of education has not been altered as students in the department still have their practical lessons. Whilst I continue with my studies in this exciting institution it is with great confidence that at the end I’ll be fully equipped in my career.


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