Department/Unit/Section: Agriculture & Biosystem Engineering

Contact Address: 43844-00100 Nairobi
Tutorial Fellow
Area of Specialization: 

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Open minded personnel with experience in various fields of engineering and education. I have the ability to perform well in tasks that require content creation, creativity, innovation, value creation, analysis of data, environmental impact assessment, modelling, and complete time sensitive processes.


  • Hiuhu Angela, Optimization of the angle of frog in moldboard tillage operations in sandy clay soil, Open Journal of Optimization, December 2015, Ayub Gitau, Duncan Mbuge, John Ndisya .
  • Ndisya John, Investigation of the effect of rake angle on draft requirement for ripping in sandy clay, Agriculture Engineering CIGR Journal, December 2016, Ayub Gitau, Duncan Mbuge, Angela Hiuhu.
  • Ndisya John,The effect of the operational parameters on the draft requirements of ripping in sandy clay, Agriculture Open Journal of Optimization, March 2016, Ayub Gitau, Duncan Mbuge, Angela Hiuhu