eng okaka Name: Isaiah Bosire Omosa
Msc,Mechanical Engineering,Leeds University
Department/Unit/Section: Water and Environmental Engineering
Contact Address:
P. O. Box 43844 -00100, Nairobi, KENYA.
Position: Lecturer
Area of Specialization:
Mechanical Engineering

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2. Publications

1 “ The Limiting Conditions for the Formation of Air Entraining Vortices” British Hydro-Mechanics Research Association, 1973. 

2 “ Changing the structure of Motor Vehicle Technician Part II Examination Papers”, EAST AFRICAN EXAMINATIONS COUNCIL (1976)
3 “Towards opening another route to the Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering in Kenya” KENYA POLYTECHNIC/ INDUSTRY SYMPOSIUM,
4 “Management Training in Engineering Education” UNECA seminar for Engineering, Management and Accounting Teachers held at the Kenya Polytechnic (1978).
5 “ A review of major cavitation studies in bearings” Kenya Engineer, September, 1978.
6 “ The Kenya Polytechnic Position Paper for hosting the African Institute for Higher Technical Training and Research” (1978). 7 “ Problems of standardisation in Production Management” (seminar on
Standardisation and technology held at the Mombasa Oceanic Hotel (18th - 27th June 1980).
8 Compiled data on African Technical Post Secondary Institutions for East African Publishing House. (EAPH). (1983).
9 Reviewed the EAPH publication, “Technical Education in Africa” by J.S. McNown (1983).
10 Published a directory of Technical Institutions in the English speaking Africa for UNESCO (1983)
11 “ The Development of Technical Education in Kenya”. The Kenya Secondary School Heads Association Annual Conference, Bandari College,
Mombasa 1987.
12 “ An overview of Technical Education/Training in Kenya” Harmonisation, Rationalisation of Curricula, Examinations and Certification in Technical and Vocational Training, Seminar, Mombasa Beach Hotel, 21st - 25th November
1988. The Seminar was sponsored by the National Industrial Training Council
13 “ Technical and Vocational Training in Kenya” A World Bank sponsored National Policy Conference on the Implementation of the Sessional Paper
No. 6 of 1988 at Hotel Inter-Continental, Mombasa 19th - 27th March, 1989.
14 “Linkages between Education and Employment - Jua Kali (Informal Sector)Development Programme”. Eastern and Southern Regional Consultation on Education for
All, (21st 24th November, 1989).

15 “ Science and Technology at Tertiary level,” National Seminar on the teaching of science in Educational System, Kenyatta International Conference Centre, 16th - 19th July, 1990. This was sponsored
by the Commission for Higher Education.
16 “Women in Technical Education - the Kenyan case”. International Conference on Women in Technical Education by Commonwealth Association of Polytechnics in Africa (CAPA,
Mombasa Beach Hotel, 24th 28th September, 1990.
17 “Developing the (Jua Kali Sector) Informal Sector”.
Kenya Engineer March/April 1991. 18 “Out of Schools Skills Training”. The paper was presented at the National Workshop on Education for All, Green Hills, Nyeri, 16th - 20th September
19 Delivered a Keynote speech during the seminar on “Promoting and Improving co-operation between Institutions of Technical and Vocation Education and
Industries and other Potential users of their students, “ Kenya Institute of Education Nairobi 27th May 1992.
20 A Kenyan case study sponsored by UNESCO entitled “ Promotion and Improving Co-operation between Institutions of Technical & Vocational, Education and other potential users of their students.” (June 1992)
21 “ Preparation of a Framework for the Establishment of a National Polytechnic in the Republic on Namibia. This was a Namibian Ministry of Education and Culture and UNICEF sponsored Study 2nd - 15th July 1992 22 “ The Development of Technical and Vocational Training Programmes in
Kenya”. This was a keynote address delivered at the National Industrial Training Council/Ministry of Technical Training and Applied Technology,
second seminar on Harmonisation and Rationalisation of Curricula, Examinations and Certification in Technical and Vocational Training 13th - 15th October 1992, Whitesands Hotel, Mombasa.
23 “ The Current Status of Computer Education/Training in Kenya” The paper was presented at the Kenya/Austria Computer Training Seminar on the 7th October, 1993, Inter-continental Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya.
24 Co-Authored the draft Informatics Policy - document for Kenya , September, 1993.
25 “ Financing of Technical Training in Kenya; the Present situation and Future Expectations”. The paper was presented at the National Polytechnics Joint Heads of Department Seminar at the Mombasa Polytechnic, 24th November,
26 “ The Functional Relationship between the Ministries of Education and Research Technical Training and Technology”. The paper was presented at the 8th World Bank Education credit workshop at
Whitesands Hotel, Mombasa, Kenya. 29th Nov. 1993
27 “Existing Sectoral / Institutional Science and Technology Information Networks”. A seminar on National Networking of Science and Technology sponsored by the
National Council for Science and Technology 27th Jan 1994
28 “ Information Technology Policy on Education - Way Forward UNESCO” sponsored workshop on preparation of a Draft Curriculum on Informatics in Secondary Schools
at Garden Hotel, Machakos, Kenya. April 1994.
29 “ Financing Small Enterprise Development Projects in Kenya” - National Engineers Seminar on Engineering for Self - Reliance at Kenyatta International Conference Centre, Nairobi, Kenya - 24th March, 1994.
30 A case study entitled, “ The role of Technical and Vocational Education in the Educational system in Kenya”. The study was sponsored by the UNESCO Regional Office in Dakar, Senegal, December, 1994.
31 “ Policy challenges in Harnessing Computer Communication Application by Academia, Private Sector and Government” National Committee on Computer Training Seminar, Hotel Inter-Continental - Nairobi,
28th July, 1995.
32 “Industrial Attachment in Kenya’, 12th September, 1995. National Industrial Training Council sponsored seminar at Sarova Shaba Hotel, Isiolo, Kenya.
33 The Polytechnics in Africa in the 1990’s and Beyond - the Kenyan case” A paper presented at the Commonwealth Association of Polytechnics in Africa sponsored Colloquium, Bulawayo Polytechnic, Zimbabwe, 6th - 12th January
34 “The Challenges in Financing and Management of Vocational Education and Training Programmes - the Kenyan case.” A paper presented at the UNESCO Sponsored Sub Regional Workshop on the Financing and
Management of Vocational Education and Training in Eastern & Southern Africa, QUATRE BORNES, Mauritius 18th - 21st March 1996.
35 “Training for Informal Sector “(QUARTE BORNES, MAURITIUS 18 - 21 March 1996). UNESCO Sponsored seminar.
36 The Role of Technical Training Institutions in the national preparations for industrialisation by the year 2020” A paper presented at the World Bank Sponsored Seminar, held at the Sarova Shaba Hotel, Kenya, 6th - 12th January
37 “Kenya’s Technical Training Policy Beyond the Formal Sector” A paper presented at the UNEVOC sponsored Sub Regional Workshop on the definition of Technical Training Policy beyond the Formal Sector in Eastern
and Southern Africa, Nairobi 15th - 19th September 1997.
38 Training of Engineering Technicians its impact on sustainability of infrastructure” Institutions of Engineers of Kenya and Engineers Registration Board, Engineers Seminar, 21st April 1998.. Kenyatta International Conference
Centre, Nairobi.
39 “Harmonisation of Technical Education and Training Programmes in the East African Region.” Presented during a meeting of Education Committee of Experts, Arusha, Tanzania 16th - 17th June 1998.
40 “Impact of Tertiary Training process in preparation for the Jua Kali (Informal) Sector,” Nyanza Provincial Jua Kali symposium, Tom Mboya Labour
College, 23rd August, 1996 Kisumu.
41 “Strategies for Relevant Training for Enhancement of quality production in Nyanza Province”. • 1996 Nyanza Province Jua Kali (Informal Sector) Exhibition, Tom Mboya
Labour College, Kisumu 5th - 6th November 1996.
42 “ The challenges of Technical Training Institutions in preparation for Industrialisation by the year 2020” Mombasa Beach Hotel (20th May 1998).
43 An Overview of Training Needs in modern times in the Building, Construction, Civil Engineering and Allied Industries (BCCEAI) on the Job Training, Part time Training and Full Time Training -
Advantages and Disadvantages- A National Industrial Training Council Regional Seminar for Building Construction Council Engineering and Allied Industries, Nairobi, 21/8/2002
44 The challenges in the Provision of Technical Training Programmes” The National Industrial Training Council Workshop Mombasa 1st - 5th May 2002.
45 Promotion of Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Kenya” A UNESCO Sub Regional Workshop on the theme “Promotion and Reform of Technical and Vocational Education & Training in Africa, Kampala Uganda 10th -
13th December, 2001.
46 An Evaluation of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training System of the Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.
A UNESCO Consultancy Report (1st - 30th June 2002)