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Elizaphan Muuro Maina

Name: Elizaphan Muuro Maina
BED. Hons. (KU, Kenya), PGD.Cs, Msc. Is (UON, Kenya)
Contact Address:
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Assistant lecturer
Area of Specialization:
Artificial intelligent systems
Research Interests:
Artificial intelligent systems
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  • Wagacha, P.W, Manderick, B. and Maina E.M, (2005) On Support Vector and Relevance Vector Machines, Proceedings of the 17th Belgium-Netherlands Conference on Artificial Intelligence (Pg 297-304), BNAIC.

Papers under Review

  • Machine Learning in e-learning:- use of machine learning techniques to improve the adaptability of e-learning system.
  • Machine Learning in online collaborative learning:- use of machine learning techniques to improve the collaboration process in an online learning environment.
  • Learning Mechanisms: use of social constructivism theories in online learning systems.

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