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Dr. Okonga Oyoo

Name: Dr. Eng. Daniel Okang’a Oyoo
Energy Engineering
Contact Address:
P. O. Box. 14268 – 00100, G.P.O, Nairobi, KENYA.
Position: Lecturer
Mobile Phone No:
0721-942475, 0724-608877, 0721-894230
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1999-2003: Russia State University of Petroleum, Oil and Gas (Named after Gubkina).
Ph.D in Petroleum Chemistry (Petrochemistry). Research and Thesis, Based on: A data analysis on related positions in the area of organic synthesis (of oil and gas compounds) by using sulphur cations as the main catalyst. To demonstrate the ability to improve production under ecologically friendly conditions, in specific chemical processes
1998-1999: Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology, (Named after Lomonosov).
Masters of Science, in Chemical (petrochemical) Technology and Biotechnology.

Thesis Based on: Analysis of parametrical areas of reactors and rectification columns of reactions of type A+ B=C.

1992-1998: Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology.
(Named after Lomonosov).
Bachelor of Science in Chemical and Process Engineering.

Thesis based on: Attaining 100% conversion by using the principle of spreading concentration poles as a result of chemical reactions.

1991-1992: Moscow State University of Chemical Technology.
(Named after Mendeleev), New Moscow Russia.
Certificate of proficiency in Russian language, and certificate of introduction to Chemical Engineering as a speciality.

1990-1991: The University Of Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya. Enrolled for BSc. General.

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