The philosophy of the programme is in line with that of Kenyatta University of “Sensitivity and responsiveness to societal needs and the right of every person to knowledge”.

The increasing world reliance on sophisticated technology gives Computer scientists a strategic role in our daily lives. By providing innovative solutions to our Computing needs and state of the art needs, the profession is fundamental to future development and growth of the society. The high demand from industries across the globe for well qualified Computer scientists continues with exciting and rewarding career graduates on areas ranging from Mobile and Wireless Technology, Multimedia Technology, Networks, Information Management, Artificial intelligent agents, Image Processing, and Information Security. Therefore there is a need for Kenyatta University to contribute towards driving Kenya into the next industrialization phase to achieve its strategic goals, i.e. vision 2030.

To train students on theoretical principles of computer science in order to equip them with graduate level knowledge and skills in the field of distributed systems, software engineering, data sciences and artificial intelligence required in job market, research and development.

The Master’s degree in Computer Science program is to be covered in two academic years, each of which is divided into two semesters. In addition the students shall do a project or a thesis as per the schools directive. To qualify for the award of degree the candidate should have passed all units.
Admission Requirements
i.    The common regulations for the Master’s degree in the University shall apply
ii.    The common regulations for the Master’s degree at the School of Engineering and Technology shall apply
iii.    In addition for eligibility into the Master of Science in computer Science a candidate must be:
•    Holders of a Bachelor Science degree in Computer Science/software Engineering/ Computer Engineering of at least Lower Second Class from a recognized University or;
•    A holder of POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN COMPUTER SCIENCE from a university recognized by Kenyatta University senate.

Programme Structure and Duration
•    The programme shall run for a minimum of two academic years
•    In each semester a student shall take a maximum of five units
•    In second year a student can opt to: Take 4 units and a project or Take thesis only
•    A course unit shall be defined as 42 credit hours; where a credit hour is equivalent to 3 instructional hours or 2 instructional hours and 3 practical hours.
See attached units breakdown………..

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