Department/Unit/Section: Agriculture & Biosystem Engineering

Contact Address: 43844-00100 Nairobi
Area of Specialization:
Soil, Water and Environment Engineering

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  • 2020 Omosa, I. B., Oonge, Z. I., Kirui, W. K. Proposed Catchment Conservation Plan in Community Water Supply in Kenya: The Case of Mbumbuni Water Scheme. Journal of Engineering in Agriculture and the Environment, 6 (1), 28 - 40.
  • 2019 Agnes W. Macharia., Wesley K. Kirui., Isaiah Omosa. Evaluation of Potential Physico- Chemical Groundwater Pollution: a Case Study of Kiwanja Market, Kenya. International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development, 6 (09), 97 – 102.
  • 2016 Wesley K. Kirui., Shubiao Wu., Simon Kizito., Pedro N. Carvalho., Renjie Dong. Pathways of Nitrobenzene Degradation in Horizontal Subsurface Flow Constructed Wetlands: Effect of Intermittent Aeration and Glucose Addition. Journal of Environmental Management, 166, 38 -44.
  • 2015 Wesley K. Kirui., Shubiao Wu., Lei Ming., Renjie Dong. Nitrobenzene Degradation Pathways and their Interaction with Sulphur and Nitrogen Transformations in Horizontal Subsurface Flow Constructed Wetlands. Ecological Engineering, 84, 77 - 83.
  • 2015 Simon Kizito., Shubiao Wu., W. Kipkemoi Kirui., Ming Lei., Qimin Lu., Hamidoh Bah., Renjie Dong. Evaluation of slow Pyrolyzed Wood and Rice Husks Biochar for Adsorption of Ammonium Nitrogen from Piggery Manure Anaerobic Digestate Slurry. Science of the Total Environment, 505, 102 - 112.
  • 2015 Shubiao Wu., Scott Wallace., Hans Brix., Peter Kuschk., Wesley Kipkemoi Kirui., Fabio Masi, Renjie Dong. Treatment of Industrial Effluents in Constructed Wetlands: Challenges, Operational Strategies and Overall Performance. Environmental Pollution, 201, 107 - 120.
  • 2015 Hanifa Mohamed Yusuf., Philiph D. Daninga., Li Xiaoyun., Wesley Kipkemoi Kirui., Mohammad Ammad Khan. Climate Change Impacts on Fishing in Coastal Rural Tanzania. Journal of Environment and Earth Science, 5 (10), 30 - 40.
  • 2015 Loua Kokoly Augustin., Adam H. Yagoob., Wesley Kipkemoi Kirui., Yang Peiling. Optimal Irrigation Scheduling for Summer Maize Crop: Based on GIS and CROPWAT Application in Hetao District; Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China. Journal of Biological Agriculture and Healthcare, 5, (18), 95 - 102.
  • 2014 Kirui W. K. and Mutua B. M. Simulation of Catchment Hydrologic Response under Changing Land Use: Case of upper Molo Catchment Kenya. European International Journal of Applied Science and Technology, 1 (4), 1 - 25.

Scientific Articles under Review

  • 2022 Wesley K. Kirui., Isaiah B. Omosa. A Review of Wastewater Treatment in Kenya: Need for Reuse and Way Forward. Under review for Re-Submission to Journal of Water Reuse and Desalination.
  • 2022 Sharon Kimatui., Wesley K. Kirui. Effects of Point Source Pollution on Athi River Water Quality, Kenya. Under review to be submitted.
  • 2022 Francis Oloo., Luke Olang., Godwin Murithi., Charlynne Jepkosgei., Sospeter Wekesa., Robert Wayumba., Wesley Kirui. Assessment of Perception on Land Degradation Drivers and their Influence on Food, Water and Livelihood Security in Olkeriai Dryland River Catchment,Kajiado, Kenya
  • 2022 Francis Oloo., Luke Olang., Wesley Kirui., Godwin Murithi., Sospeter Wekesa., Purity Kiunga. Soil Erosion Susceptibility Mapping Using Stakeholder’s Perceptions in Olkeriai River Catchment, Kajiado, Kenya.
  • 2022 MaryJosphine., Wesley K. Kirui and John Nyaguti. Performance Evaluation of Locally Made Irrigation Sprinklers in Kibirigwi Irrigation Scheme, Kenya. In preparation.


  1. October 2014 14th IWA International Conference, Wetland System for Water Pollution Control- Shanghai, China.
  2. September 2010 Fifth Annual Research Conference Week and International Conference – Egerton University.
  3. September 2009 Fourth Annual Research Conference Week and International Conference - Egerton University.