omasa-chair-foto Name: Eng. Isaiah Bosire Omosa
PhD,UNEP-TongJi, Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development, TongJi University, Shanghai,China.
Department/Unit/Section: Civil Engineering
Contact Address:
P. O. Box 43844 -00100, Nairobi, KENYA.
Position: Lecturer
Area of Specialization:
Civil and Environmental Engineer

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Refereed Journal Papers

  • Omosa Isaiah and Oonge Z.N.I. Assessment of the Biological Treatability of Black Tea Processing Effluent. Journal of Civil Engineering Research and Practice 2007, Vol 4(1)
  • Omosa, I. B.; Wang, H. T.; Cheng, S.; Li, F. T. Sustainable Tertiary Wastewater Treatment Is Required for Water Resources Pollution Control in Africa. Environ. Sci.Technol. 2012, 46 (13): 7065~7066.
  • Wang, H. T.; Omosa, I. B.; Keller, A. A.; Li, F. T. Ecosystem protection,integrated management and infrastructure are vital for improving water quality in Africa. Environ. Sci. Technol. 2012, 46 (9), 4699−4700
  • Hongtao Wang, Tao Wang, Bingru Zhang, Fengting Li, Brahima Toure, Isaiah Bosire Omosa, Thomas Chiramba, Mohamed Abdel-Monem3, Mahesh Pradhan. Water and Wastewater Treatment in Africa – Current Practices and Challenges, 2013, CLEANSoil,Air, Water. DOI: 10.1002/clen.201300208
  • Liu Wei, Yang Dianhai, Xu li, Jia Chuan, Lu Wenjian, Bosire Omosa Isaiah and Shen changming. Effect of Return Sludge Pre-concentration on biological phosphorous removal in a novel oxidation ditch. Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2012,20(4), 747-753.
  • Mutui F.N, Omosa I.B., B. Cun-kuan, Oonge Z, Gaitho V. Kenya's Water Resources:Scarcity or Sheer Mismanagement? International Research Journal of Environmental Sciences, 2016, Vol. 5(4), 54-60.


  • Isaiah Omosa. Tertiary treatment of municipal wastewater from lagoons; use of constructed wetlands and UV irradiation, 2014, Scholar’s Press, ISBN: 978-3-639-70900-1.

Journal articles under review

  • Omosa Isaiah Bosire, Yang Dianhai and Odira P.M.A. Review of wastewater treatment in Kenya; Need for reuse and way forward (under review)
  • Omosa Isaiah Bosire, Hongtao Wang and Fengting Li. Comparing polyaluminium chloride and aluminium sulphate in drinking water treatment in Kenya (under review)
  • Omosa Isaiah Bosire, Shuiping Cheng, Hongtao Wang and Fengting Li. The Railway-Water Supply Nexus in Kenya: A historical Perspective (under review)
  • Omosa Isaiah Bosire, Oonge Zablon Isaboke, and Muhandiki Victor Shiholo. Catchment conservation and management in community water supply in Kenya: the case of Mbumbuni water scheme (under review)