Name: Victor Mwenda Mwongera

Title/Qualifications: PhD
Department/Unit/Section: Mechanical Engineering
Contact Address:
P. O. Box 43844 -00100, Nairobi, KENYA.
Position: Lecturer/ Chairperson
Area of Specialization:
Mechanical Engineering

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Referred Journals


  • Mwongera, V. M. (2015, 4 29). A Review of Flapping Wing MAV Modelling. International Journal of Aeronautics & Aerospace Research, 2(2), 17-26.
  • Mwongera, V. M., & Lowenberg, M. H. (2013, 1 7). Modelling of the Dynamics of a Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicle for Stability Analysis. Mathematics in Engineering, Science & Aerospace (MESA), 4(1), 1-18.


Conference/Workshops/Seminar Papers

Conference Papers

  • Mwongera, V. M., & Lowenberg, M. H. (2010). Non-linear Flight Dynamic Analyis of Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicles. International Conference on Non-linear Problems in Aviation and Aerospace (ICNPAA).
  • Mwongera, V. M., & Lowenberg, M. H. (2012). Bifurcation Analysis of a Flapping Wing MAV in Longitudinal Flight. AIAA Atmospheric Flight Mechanics Conference (p. 4407). Minneapolis: AIAA.

Other Publications

  • Mwongera, V. M., Patel, N. N., Shaw, A. D., & Steele, O. B. (2008). A Study Into Small Recuperated Gas Turbines for Aviation Applications. Bristol: University of Bristol.
  • Mwongera, V. M. (2014). Stability Analysis of a Flapping Wing MAV in Hover and Forward Flight using Bifurcation Analysis and Continuation Methods. Bristol: University of Bristol.