philosophy of the Programme is in line with that of Kenyatta University of “Sensitivity and responsiveness to societal needs and the right of every person to knowledge”.


The Applied Computer Science (ACS) Programme is the product of a five-day curriculum development workshop sponsored by the African Virtual University as part of the African Development Bank funded Multi National Project Phase II.  38 administrative and faculty representatives from 22 African universities in 16 countries participated in the workshop. They collaboratively answered key questions about the nature of the Programme, how such a Programme could encourage learners to achieve first a diploma and then ladder to a degree, and the expected employability skills that would result from each level.  Another observation from industry was that many of the skill and knowledge areas in the ACS Programme might be of interest to middle managers and executives of African enterprises. In general, ICT skills in many organizations were limited to IT personnel, and there was little cross-fertilization of IT perspectives into the management of organizations. This resulted in lost opportunities for business and for systems optimization. Everyone knows ICT is growing and affecting the way business transactions will be done, yet theses skills are in isolated pools at the bottom of the pyramid. Offering an executive version of the ACS Programme would encourage the uptake of ICT in business industry.


Africa has a need for additional skilled workers in the area of applied computer science. Therefore developing an online Programme in this area would provide access to learners who cannot attend the limited spaces available on university campuses, and it would enable those already working in ICTs to gain formal credentials to further their careers. The Programme is designed in 2+ 2 format i.e. after 2 years equivalent studies a diploma can be issued, and additional equivalent of 2 years will lead to a bachelor’s degree such that practical skills are introduced with the theory at the outset, rather than clustered at the end of the Programme.  In view of this, focus on Applied Computer Science means learners will gain employable skills and knowledge that will aid them in supporting the development and growth of ICTs across Africa..