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Unit Code and Title

Level 100
UCU100: Communication skills
EEE 100: Engineering Drawing I
ECU 100: Chemistry for Engineers I
UCU 101: Development Studies
ECU 101: Physics For Engineers I
ECU 109: Fundamental of Computing ECU 104: Engineering Mathematics I ECU 105: Engineering Mathematics II
EEE101: Engineering Drawing II
EEE 102: Computer Programming I ECU 102: Chemistry for Engineers II
ECU 103: Physics for Engineers II
ECU 106: Engineering Mathematics III ECU 107: Engineering Mathematics IV
ECU 108: Introduction to the Engineering Profession EBM 110: Basic Trauma & Life Support Management

Level 200
ECU 200: Engineering Mathematics V
ECU 201: Engineering Mathematics VI
EBM 200: Biomaterials
EEE 201: Thermodynamics
EEE 202: Computer Programming II
EEE 203: Circuit Theory I
EEE 205: Physical Electronics
EEE 212: Mechanics of Machines
ECU 202: Engineering Mathematics VII ECU 203: Engineering Mathematics VIII
EEE 204: Circuit Theory II
EEE 206: Electrical Machines I
EBM 202: Health Database Management Systems
EEE 208: Electrical Measurements
EEE 209: Fluid Mechanics
EEE 210: AutoCAD
EBM 203: BME Workshop Practice

Level 300
EBM 300: Foundations of Human Biology
ECU 300: Engineering Mathematics IX
ECU 302: Innovation & Entrepreneurship for Engineers
EEE 302: Electromagnetic Fields 

 EBM 301: Properties of Engineering Materials 

EEE 305: Digital Electronics I
EEE 308: Analogue Electronics I
EBM 302: Basics of Medical Biochemistry
CU 301: Engineering Mathematics X
EEE 303: Power Systems I
EEE 306: Digital Electronics II
EEE 307: Network Analysis and Synthesis
EEE 309: Analogue Electronics II
EBM 303: Control Systems Engineering
EBM 304: Human Anatomy for Biomedical Engineers 1
EBM 305: Special Topics in Biochemistry
ECU 303: Industrial Practical Attachment I
EBM 306: Log Book Assignment (BME Comprehensive II)

Level 400
EBM 400: Communication Systems (Existing as SCE 430)
ECU 401: Project Management
EEE 402: Complex Analysis for Engineers
EBM 401: Human Anatomy for Biomedical Engineers II
EBM 402: Medical Physiology for Biomedical Engineers 1
EEE 405: Power Electronics
EEE 406: Microprocessor Systems and Applications
EEE 410: Signals Systems and Systems
ECU 400: Research Methods
EBM 403: Medical Physiology for Biomedical Engineers II
ECU 402: Engineering Economics
ECU 403: Industrial Practical Attachment II
EEE 407: Operational Research
EBM 404: Biomedical Engineering Project I
EBM 405: Biomedical Instrumentation I
EBM 406: Hospital Engineering Management
EBM 407: Machine Design
EBM 408: Log Book Assignment (BME Comprehensive Assignment II)

Level 500
ECU 500: Engineering Practice and Ethics
EBM 500: Biomedical Engineering Project II
EBM 501: Biomedical Instrumentation II EBM 502: Introduction to Bioinformatics
EBM 503: Digital Imaging Processing
EBM 504: Biosensors
EBM 505: Medical Physiology for Biomedical Engineers III EBM 506: Medical Physiology for Biomedical Engineers IV
EBM 507: Biomechanics
EBM 508: Industrial & Hospital Management
EBM 509: Biomedical equipment design & manufacturing of techniques
EBM 512: Basics of Human Pathology
EBM 510: Electric Motor Drive Systems
EBM 511: Biomedical Instrumentations III
EBM 500: Biomedical Engineering Project II
EBM 513: Research Project (Health data management & programming; Software for biological
and health systems development; Tissue engineering; Image processing; Special biomed re- search areas)