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Unit Code and Title

Level 100
UCU 100: Communication Skills
UCU 101: Development Studies
ECU 100: Chemistry for Engineers I
ECU 101: Physics for Engineers I
ECU 104: Engineering Mathematics I ECU 105: Engineering Mathematics II
ECU 109: Fundamentals of Computing
EBE 100: Engineering Drawing and Design I
UCU 103: Introduction to Critical and Creative Thinking
ECU 102: Chemistry for Engineers II
ECU 103: Physics for Engineers II
ECU 106: Engineering Mathematics III ECU 107: Engineering Mathematics IV
ECU 108: Introduction to Engineering Profession
EBE 101: Introduction to Material Science
EBE 102: Engineering Drawing and Design II

Level 200
ECU 200: Engineering Mathematics V
ECU 201: Engineering Mathematics VI
EBE 200: Computer Programming I
EBE 201: Computer Aided Engineering Drawing
EBE 202: Fluid Mechanics I
EBE 203: Engineering Thermodynamics I
EBE 204: Electrical Engineering I
EBE 205: Workshop Process and Practice I
ECU 202: Engineering Mathematics VII ECU 203: Engineering Mathematics VIII
EBE 206: Workshop Process and Practice II EBE 207: Engineering Thermodynamics II
EBE 208: Engineering Materials
EBE 209: Electrical Engineering II EBE 210: Mechanics of Machines I
EBE 211: Fluid Mechanics II
EBE 212: Practical Attachment - Internal (12 Weeks)

Level 300
ECU 300: Engineering Mathematics IX
EBE 300: Soil Mechanics
EBE 301: Engineering Design I
EBE 302: Engineering Hydrology
EBE 303: Principles of Crop Production
EBE 304: Mechanics of Machines II
EBE 305: Thermodynamics III
EBE 306: Solid and Structural Mechanics I
ECU 301: Engineering Mathematics X
ECU 302: Innovation and Entrepreneurship
EBE 307: Mechanical Power Transmission
EBE 308: Engineering Electronics
EBE 309: Computer Programming II
EBE 310: Hydraulics
EBE 311: Engineering Surveying
EBE 312: Solid and Structural Mechanics II
ECU 303: Industrial Practical Attachment I (12weeks)

Level 400
ECU 400: Research Methodology
ECU 401: Engineering Project Management
EBE 401: Irrigation and Drainage
EBE 402: Agricultural Processes Engineering I
EBE 403: Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
EBE 404: Farm Power and Machinery I EBE 405: Water Resources Engineering
EBE 406: Agric. Animal Production and Husbandry
ECU 402: Engineering Economics
EBE 407: Structural Design
EBE 408: Design of Waste Management Systems
EBE 409: Agricultural Processes Engineering II EBE 410: GIS and RS in Resource Management
EBE 411: Farm Power and Machinery II
EBE 412: Watershed Eng. and Management
EBE 413: Heat and Mass Transfer
ECU 403: Industrial Practical Attachment II (12weeks)

Level 500
ECU 500: Engineering Practice and Ethics
EBE 500: Land Use Planning and Photogrammetry
EBE 501: Engineering Design Project I
EBE 502: Environmental Impact Assessment
EBE 503: Quality Control Methods
EBE 504: Instrumentation and Control
EBE 505: Safety Engineering
EBE 506: Bio-Energy Resources

Option 1: Farm Power and Energy Engineering
EBE 507: Engineering Design Project II
EBE 508: Mechanization and Machinery Management
EBE 509: Solar and Wind Energy Resources
EBE 510: Machinery Systems Engineering
EBE 526: Energy Resources and Utilization

Option 2: Soil, Water and Environmental Engineering
EBE 507: Engineering Design Project II
EBE 512: Design of Hydraulic Structures
EBE 513: Design of Irrigation and Drainage Systems
EBE 514: Wastewater Collect. System and Management
EBE 531: Water Resources Modelling
Elective Elective Elective

Option 3: Biosystems Structures and Agricultural Processing
EBE 507: Engineering Design Project II
EBE 518: Functional Analysis of Biosystems Structures EBE 516: Process Plant Design and Industrial Location
EBE 519: Construction Management
EBE 520: Agricultural Products Technology

Electives: (A student to select Only Three units from the following units)
EBE 521: Mechanical Vibrations
EBE 522: Transport Systems
EBE 524: Operations Research
EBE 525: Engineering Design III
EBE 527: Environmental Law and Policy
EBE 528: Groundwater Hydraulics
EBE 532: Climate Change and the Environment
EBE 534: Design of Biosystems Structures
EBE 537: Infrastructural Engineering and Maintenance
EBE 538: Reinforced Concrete Design
EBE 539: Design of Controlled Environ. Product Systems